The best cannabis-buying experience you’ll ever have.

3Fifteen is a brilliant, full-service retail brand with a bold, intelligent edge that demands to be remembered. There are so many reasons to visit—cutting-edge design, outstanding customer service, innovative products—but one promise: the best cannabis-buying experience you will ever have.

What does 3Fifteen mean?

3Fifteen was named for the bright point where chemistry, desire and transformation come together: THC releases at a boiling point of 315 degrees; 3:15 is a point in time; and now 3Fifteen is a place where you will find the best cannabis products, service and experience.

What makes 3Fifteen different?

  • The Best, Brilliant Experience.
    3Fifteen offers the brightest, most innovative cannabis experience in the Midwest, whether you're in the store, shopping online or using our products at home.
  • Immersive Customer Service.
    Our experienced budtenders listen to your individual needs so you can take home the products that will deliver exactly what you're looking for.
  • High-Quality Products.
    We offer a wide selection of safe, premium products to suit your needs—from medicinal to recreational.
  • Community & Neighborhood Focused.
    We focus our energy on our customers and the communities we serve. Our retail stores are connected to neighborhoods where we give back to local causes that support the quality of life for our neighbors.